here are the dimension of the area


we have one confirmed judge: Hiroshi Uehara

If you don' t know, that' s beacause you were out of the scene or you re not aware or something:
Hiroshi started riding in the 90's ,so he was one of the first bmx riders in japan. After studying fashion, english and marketting in Honk-Kong, he founded Fourthirty ( 430) with Kotaro Tanaka and Takashi Ito. The brand is famous in japan since many years...
He' s now judge during the KOG and still riding

A real flatland riders supports the events

Flatland got very lucky once again with a very unexpected location, there s a big contrast between our "underground" sport/art and the high litghts of the most exclusive city/kingdom of the world.
The Stars'n'bars team is very confident with this event and really wants to trust BMX Flatland, they offer us a big time!!!
With many successful times in Paris, Alex Jumelin decided to get involved again in contest organisation because this is certainly the most important for our sport. Beside internet, forums, videos, magazine, people organise events to gather people, to have good time and to get a media coverage which is essential.

Of course, there will be many surprises and entertainement, big parties, what riders need....

Come to support Flatland to what' s annouced like the best flatland contest ever!!!!!!!!

everyboby needs a good DJ: Chépuky

Audrey Katz a.k.a Chépuky is gonna mixing during the riviera...
The trendy ginger will be in Monaco , playing for everybody's pleasure...